Buying Guide: Choose the right patio heater for you

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


When conditions turn chilly, don’t despair. You can still maximize use of your outdoor space by investing in a good heating system. Don’t have a single clue what patio heater to buy or where to start? No worries. We’ve got you covered.

Look for Local Suppliers
For starters, scout around for patio heaters in Phoenix. Local suppliers mean you can take advantage of the easy access they offer. Another benefit to hiring local? You can reach out to neighbors and friends in the area for feedback and review. If they’ve been around long enough—and they should be—then, your neighbors or friends have probably used their services a time or two. Do they recommend this company? Their answers could provide you with much-needed insight.

Know What You Need
First off, determine what you need out of a heater. Do you want something chic and stylish while being functional? Or maybe you simply want something basic and portable? Whether you want to go for a unit that’s loaded with features or one without all the bells and whistles, determining what you need out of the unit in the first place will help.

Pick Which Kind
There are propane and electric heaters. You’ll need to buy canisters for propane heaters, though. Think that’s a hassle? Then electric patio heaters in Phoenix would be a better choice for you. However, before you pick one over the other, make sure you understand the running costs that come with each option as well, Bob Vila says.

Choose Your Style
Once you’ve decide on the type, the next thing on your list should be style. Go for a stand-alone unit if you want free-standing heaters for larger patios. Tabletop units work well for small spaces while mounted ones are great for warming up huge areas and little available floor space.

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