6 Signs That It’s Time for Water Heater Services in Indianapolis IN

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2019


Hot water is one of those little luxuries that everyone takes for granted. However, when the water heater fails, families realize just how much they rely on it for various household chores. While many issues may be resolved through water heater services in Indianapolis IN, all units will eventually need replacement. Below, readers will learn several signs that it’s time for a new unit.

Too Much Noise

As a water heater’s tank becomes filled with sediment, the blockage may cause strange noises when the water heats up. While minor buildup is easily removed, a significant amount of hardened sediment makes a unit so inefficient that replacement is the only option.


Most water heaters last about 15 years. It’s easy to tell how much time is left if there’s proof of when the unit was installed; however, if there’s no such documentation, a plumber may be able to provide some basic guidelines.


Though residential water heaters are built to withstand high temperatures and moisture, constantly rushing water will gradually wear out certain parts. If the water heater’s parts become worn down or rusted, corrosion may indicate a larger issue.

Insufficient Hot Water

Inadequate hot water supply may happen for various reasons, including incorrect settings. However, if the supply decreases suddenly, the unit may not be working as it should, and it may need to be replaced.

Frequent Repairs

Many water heater problems may be resolved with simple water heater services in Indianapolis IN. However, if technicians must visit the home monthly to provide service, a replacement may make financial sense.

Low Water Quality

Because all the home’s hot water goes through the unit, problems it may affect water quality. If the water looks rusty or muddy, tastes odd, or smells strange, the heater may be failing. Call a plumber to assess the situation and determine the nature of the water quality issue.

If a home’s water heater is exhibiting any of the above signs, call the experts today. Contact us to find out how the company’s efficient and prompt water heater repair and replacement services can help families avoid living without the most important of life’s little luxuries.

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