Add To Wedding Reception Theme With Chair Cap Options

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


Not all weddings are completed indoors in a church, and not all churches are designed to incorporate the use of pews, which gives you the option to decorate using chair cap designs. Many churches today, and for outdoor weddings or weddings in other facilities, use chairs for guests both during the ceremony as well as for the reception. The type of chair will determine which type of cap to use.

Typically a chair cap is used with a Chiavari chair, which may also be called a Tiffany chair. These can be made of wood or other materials, but they all feature a taller, square back and rails connecting the legs as well as the two sides of the back. The result is a more ornate look to a chair that is classic and elegant, so you may not want to cover up the complete design.

A chair cap is a fitted square shaped cover that slides over the top of the chair back. It leaves the seat area and the legs visible, allowing the lovely design of the chair to be accentuated by the unique cap, which may also be known as a chair hood or back cover.

A Dash of Color

One of the wonderful things about a chair cap is that it can be any color you want. You can choose to use a neutral color such as ivory, white or black, or add a bright pop of color with a fuchsia, gold, red, blue or purple.

Different styles, including medium sized petals of fabric, add a bit of movement to the design. They are also perfect for any type of theme as they can look very elegant and classic in their design or whimsical and fun.

Swirl and Rosette Chair Caps

For an evening wedding and reception, the luxury of satin rosette styles of chair cap designs in rich jeweled colors are striking. The sheen of the satin in the rose forms on the back of the chairs captures the light and adds a soft shimmer that is very distinctive.

For an elegant and sophisticated style consider a swirl of voile that is in the same color as the back of the chair caps. This is a soft look but still intense enough to bring out the color in your theme.

With the use of chair cap designs a basic chair becomes a central component to your decorating and design scheme. You may even want to consider combining colors within a style to add even more color and design to a small or large reception room.

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