Advantages of Hiring Quality AC Repair Services in Fort Myers to Check a Home’s System

Posted By : Alex , on Feb, 2015


Every year as the winter months end, it is important for homeowners to begin thinking about the condition of their air conditioning systems. While many people feel they do not need to worry about this type of issue until the temperatures start to get higher, it is generally a good idea to hire a Quality AC Repair Services in Fort Myers earlier in the season.

One of the main advantages of hiring an AC repair service to inspect a home’s system early is it will make scheduling a time for a service visit much easier. In addition, service providers become very busy as the temperatures outside increase. This may lead to higher rates for a typical service call or a longer waiting time for an appointment.

A technician from a Quality AC Repair Services in Fort Myers will need to spend time inspecting the units of the system, both inside and outside of the home. The unit in the home generally consists of the blower. The blower tends to get very dirty over the course of a season. If the blower is used by the heating system as well, it may be especially dirty. The technician will need to clean dirt from the interior and exterior of the blower. The air filter will need to be inspected and replaced as well. The motor on the unit should be checked for signs of damage and replaced or repaired if necessary. The fan and fan belt may also need replacement.

The unit outside of the home generally holds the condenser and compressor. Before the housing of this unit can be removed, yard debris and trash may need to be removed from around the unit. Once it has been cleared, the housing can be removed and the technician can begin work cleaning the coils and fins of the unit. The coils will need to be washed with a cleaner. The fins should be cleaned with a stiff brush.

Once the unit has been cleaned, the technician can look for signs of damage to other components of the system. If anything looks damaged, the technician will need to check the element. Replacing or repairing the part may be necessary to make sure the unit is prepared for the upcoming summer season.

If you are a homeowner, you may need to schedule an inspection and repair of your system.

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