Attention to Details for Heating Maintenance in New Richmond WI

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


Heating Maintenance in New Richmond WI does not require many actions on the part of the homeowner, but attention to just a few details can prevent breakdowns and increase the longevity of the furnace. If the furnace has a standard disposable filter, changing that filter as directed on the label is the easiest but one of the most important ways to protect the appliance. Large disposable accordion-style filters usually need to only be placed once a year, and a heating technician can do that task as part of the annual inspection and maintenance service.

Scheduling that annual service from a company such as Boldt’s Plumbing and Heating Inc is an important action on the part of the property owner. It allows the furnace to be cleaned, adjusted and checked for problems. This routine cleaning is beneficial for equipment components, and if the technician identifies parts that should be replaced, doing so before the heating season begins can prevent inconvenient equipment malfunctions and the cost of emergency repair service.

Keeping return-air vents clean prevents dust, hair and other debris from going to the furnace and clogging up the filter more quickly. Simply vacuuming them every week with a brush attachment should do the trick. With some designs, removing the grate and cleaning under it and at the top of the duct is advantageous.

Attention to details also includes noting when something changes in the way the heating system seems to work. For example, if rooms throughout the house have always been evenly warm but now one room is chillier than the rest, a problem may have developed with the duct to that room. It may have come loose somewhere in the system and could be leaking warm air before it reaches the vent. This may not seem like an important problem if the room is seldom used, but that cooler air spreading into adjacent areas forces the furnace to work harder to keep the entire house at optimum temperature. That drives up utility fills and shortens the life of the appliance. A technician who does Heating Maintenance in New Richmond WI can identify the problem and fix it.

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