Call a Professional for Swimming Pool Maintenance in Broken Arrow OK

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2020


Summer is just around the corner, and temperatures are already beginning to warm and become good for swimming, but you should not let just anyone open your pool up for use. Professional swimming pool maintenance will assist with the opening and closing of your pool, and ensure it is kept in good condition throughout its use. There are many reasons a professional should open your pool and continue maintaining it into the swimming season, and any one of them should be enough to give your local pool professionals a call.

Cover Removal

The first aspect of opening a pool is to remove, clean, and then properly store the cover, and this can be a daunting task for any pool owner. Swimming pool maintenance in Broken Arrow OK is performed by professionals with experience and years of training, and they understand how to streamline the process. Professionals also ensure any debris or stagnant water trapped on the cover is removed entirely, and the system will be properly drained if any debris is found in the pool.

Remove Winterizing Plugs

Pools contain step jets and return jets covered up with winterizing plugs whenever a pool is closed, and you need a trained swimming pool maintenance team to help you gain access to special removal tools. These plugs could be damaged if not removed properly, which could make closing the pool later on more difficult. Fortunately, you can visit Melone’s Pool Service to learn more about maintenance services and set up an opening and closing service you can trust.

The results of their work should be easy to spot and thorough, and it should also be possible to swim in your pool relatively soon after opening. The professionals behind these maintenance services want you to be able to enjoy your swimming pool for years, and work to keep all its components in good condition.

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