Enjoy a Comfortable Home or Business Using an Expert HVAC Installation Service in Grants Pass OR

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2016


There are multiple ways to heat and cool a home or business, but the method of choice tends to be the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. One reason for this is the amount of control the appliance offers. A well-designed system with an electronic thermostat can provide a nice, comfortable temperature throughout the building. Of course, this type of comfort appliance will require a system of ducts to supply the treated air to the various spaces that require it. Thankfully, it isn’t necessary to place a vent in every room, but any large areas will require at least one. Otherwise, there will be hot or cold spots that may affect the efficiency of the system. An expert in HVAC Installation Service Grants Pass OR can explain more about how this could affect the system.

When it is time to install the new appliance, the contractor will need to make some calculations. For example, the unit will need to be sized for the given space to be treated. Plus, an expert in HVAC Installation Service Grants Pass OR will need to calculate the amount of heat required to warm the space. Certain considerations will be required to allow for heat sources such as kitchen areas or boilers, and the contractor will also need to know the estimated amount of traffic the building may handle each day. The latter is useful information because the human body generates quite a bit of heat that could affect the interior space if the building is close to capacity.

Replacing the comfort appliance in a home is reasonably easy. The contractor usually just replaces the existing system with one that has similar output. With a commercial installation, this usually won’t work because the capabilities of the systems change as the appliances evolve. These adaptations usually involve efficiency improvements, but could also include the overall size of the system. Here’s an interesting example, high-velocity air conditioners. A high-velocity system uses small tubes, about two inches across, for supplying the treated air. This means that there is no need for bulky air ducts throughout the building. To function properly, the air must move at higher speeds, and this requires specific design changes in the appliance. Contact the experts at Jahnke Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. for more information.

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