Four Rooms to Visit When Living in Senior Housing

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2015


When searching for a senior housing facility, many initially believe that they will no longer get to participate in anything they enjoy. People often think all they have access to is their own room and not much else. At Orchard Crest Retirement Community, that is far from the truth. There are over 150 monthly activities to participate in, and countless rooms that can be used on a regular basis. There are four main rooms to visit when living in senior housing.

Beauty Salon

One of the rooms includes a beauty salon environment. People can get their hair brushed and cut, and even have light makeup applied if they wish. It will provide them with the pampering and style they enjoy.

Game Room

Getting residents up and moving is an important goal of a retirement community, and they use a game room as one of the ways to do so. The room includes a pool table and even a Wii where bowling and other sports can be played.

Movie Theater

Those who enjoy watching movies regularly can head to the movie theater room to see what is playing. There are often special nights set up where a number of residents can attend a movie showing together. The staff will typically supply a list of which movies will be playing on which days and at which times.

Craft Room

Countless people enjoy crafts, which is why a craft room was added. The room offers plenty of table space for people to work on their craft projects. At times, there are particular craft events going on that residents may participate in, or they can sometimes go in the room to finish a project that was already started.

While these four rooms are some of the popular ones, there are still many more to choose from. Senior Housing offers countless rooms filled with activities to participate in on a regular basis. A fitness center, work shop, country store, library, and pool are also included. This ensures each person can find something they like to do, as well as branch out and try new activities they would never have imagined doing. Like us on Facebook.

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