Guide to Installing Solar Energy in Temecula CA

by | Jul 9, 2014 | Business Services


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More homeowners choose to install solar energy in Temecula CA in their offices and homes because they care about their environment. Solar energy is a renewable power source that converts sunlight to energy. It requires solar cells to be installed on the roof of your home. Using solar energy frees you from paying expensive electric bills. There are some things to considers before converting to solar power.

One factor to consider is cost. Solar Energy in Temecula CA is more expensive because solar panels use semi-conductors to convert sunlight into energy. Converting to solar energy can cost in the thousands initially. However, what you save on electric bills will compensate for the cost. You can also get a tax break for solar power. You may be able to borrow from the equity in your home to finance professional installation.

What kind of roof do you have? Solar power units are best installed on flat roofs made from composite single, metal, gravel, tar, or cement tile. The roof should also be strong enough to hold equipment. If you have concerns about weight of the equipment, make adjustments before installing the system. Limited roof space poses another issue. Smaller roofs may not be able to hold all the panels you want. If your roof is too small, you can use solar pole mounts throughout your propriety.

The amount of sunlight in your area is another factor. Solar power works more efficiently in areas that receive four to six hours of sunlight daily. You still should not rely completely on solar energy even if you live in a mostly sunny area. You need backup sources for night time and inclement weather. You can work around this by buying batteries. Let the batteries charge during the day to use during the night and bad weather.




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