How An Oklahoma City Social Security Disability Attorney Assists Clients With The Approval Process

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jun, 2018


Disability benefits awarded by the federal government are designed to help individuals make ends meet when they aren’t able to support themselves with traditional jobs. The amount of the payment will depend on a variety of factors, but regardless of the person’s income level, they will qualify for benefits if they meet the application requirements. The problem is that being approved for disability payments isn’t easy, and the following is a look at how an Oklahoma City Social Security Disability Attorney helps a client get the money they deserve.

Physician Statements

The key to qualifying for disability is proving to a court of law that a person has an illness that prevents them from working a regular job. Though statements from the applicant are part of the application process, the best way to prove an inability to work is by requesting letters from the applicant’s primary care physician. If a doctor is willing to sign their name to a document stating a person is disabled, it will help add credibility to an application.

Court Representation

It is estimated that nearly 85 percent of all social security applications will lead to a trial. An Oklahoma City Social Security Disability Attorney will be there to support their client through the entire process, including speaking on their behalf if a court appearance is required. Attempting to face a judge alone will likely lead to disaster and a less-than-favorable outcome.

Appeal Process

If a person’s initial application for benefits is declined, it will usually cause them to become frustrated and feel that there is no help in sight. It is common for an applicant to be turned down, but an attorney will fight the decision and file an appeal. It is a long and drawn out process, but a lawyer will know the proper forms and protocols to follow to help ensure an appeal is handled as expeditiously as possible.

Don’t let a physical disability lead to financial difficulty. The team at The Social Security Law Center is standing by to help individuals make sense of the entire process, from application to approval. Visit to learn more and take the first step in determining if an individual qualifies for disability payments.

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