How To Choose The Best Business Phone Systems In Hawaii

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


When it comes to choosing Business Phone Systems in Hawaii, business owners have a few options. PBX systems operate through traditional phone lines. This service has been used for years, and it is very stable, but not very flexible. IP PBX runs through the office’s internet connection. All that is necessary to use this system is a strong internet connection. The third option is Virtual VoIP software. It works with no hardware and the calls happen through the browser or the provider’s app. Before choosing the best option, business owners should take a few things into consideration.

What Is The Phone System Budget?

The company’s budget should be taken into consideration. PBX homes have high upfront costs. IP PBX phones can be less expensive, depending on whether or not the business will be responsible for the hardware. Virtual VoIP requires no upfront cost and no maintenance fees. The only fee would be to the company for the monthly subscription.

How Do the Employees Work?

The way that the employees do business has a great deal to do with the choosing a phone system. If employees are often traveling, using their mobile phones for work, a PBX system won’t work. IP PBX are mobile. However, they would still need to be connected to the server with an internet connection, which won’t work on a mobile phone. Unless employees are always on their phones at their desks, Virtual VoIP would be the best option.

What Features Are Important?

All of the business phone services available offer call waiting, intelligent routing, and transfers. These features are more reliable on PBX and IP PBX because the technology has bee around longer than Virtual VoIP. However, Virtual phone systems provide call recording and real-time monitoring. This isn’t an option with the two other options.

How Will the Phone Work With Other Tools?

Most businesses rely on a variety of tools to run smoothly. One of the main advantages of virtual phone systems is that they work well with other tools. With a virtual phone system, the business owner can integrate their CRM software, the email service, the live chat service, the helpdesk, and a variety of other tools. PBX systems won’t interact with any digital tools, and IP PBX can only deal with phone calls.

Choosing Business Phone Systems in Hawaii can be complicated. For some help choosing the right one, contact Envision Networked Services.

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