Making Roof Repairs To A Leaky Roof

by | May 16, 2016 | Roofing Contractor


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When someone notices water coming into their home, they may be in need of Roof Repairs to have it taken care of properly. Roof leaks can lead to deterioration of the interior of the home if they are not tended to promptly. Here are some steps one can take in finding the source of a roof leak so repairs can be made.

First, the homeowner should take a look inside their attic to see if there are black markings on the ceiling above. This would signify the other side of the roof is in need of repair. Often water will drip downward, making it appear as if the area needing repair is lower than it actually is. To find the exact area, using a garden hose on the roof may be helpful. Someone could stand on the roof with the hose directed toward the roof while someone else watches the area that usually leaks for water. If water does not come inside after a few minutes, the hose can be moved over a new area of the roof. Eventually, the water will make its way inside, helping to pinpoint an area where the leak is occurring.

The shingles on the roof should be looked at closely to find any areas where they are deteriorating. Crumbled parts or shingles that are detached from the roof in some areas can signify a spot in need of further attention. Look for pinholes in the paper under the shingles as this could be a spot where water is making its way to the inside.

The gutter should be looked at as a means for causing a roof leak if the water is along a wall inside the home. If the gutter is full of debris, it should be removed, so water is directed away from the home. If it accumulates, it can make its way under the shingles, leading to leaking.

The best way to have Roof Repairs done properly is by a professional roofing service. They would be able to find roof leaks quickly and have the proper means to fix them in their entirety. Call a service like JF Baker Roofing at the first signs of a leak for superior service at a competitive price. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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