Medical Cannabis and Anxiety Disorders

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Nov, 2015


Medical cannabis was used in ancient times in order to relieve patients of their symptoms related to anxiety disorder. Today, the connection between anxiety and cannabis is a bit more complex. Some patients with anxiety disorder state that marijuana was able to relax them and keep their anxiety down. There were others, however, who said it made them feel more anxious.

Anxiety Disorders and Marijuana

Anxiety disorders can come in a variety of different forms which could lead to uneasiness, worrying, fear, OCD, and social anxiety. 18% of the people in the United States alone suffer from some sort of anxiety disorder. The jury is still out on whether or not marijuana can eliminate some of these symptoms experienced by individuals with anxiety disorders.

THC is the one ingredient in marijuana that that makes it most confusing. Depending on the particular dosage, THC can cause anxiety levels to rise or fall. The higher dosage levels create more anxiety in the patient, according to recent studies. If a patient is given a low dose of cannabis, they will experience relief from their anxiety symptoms.

The Results

The results from all of these studies bring back mixed reviews and cause even experts to scratch their heads. Various compounds in cannabis can have an anti-anxiety effect, but much of it is going to depend on the dosage as well the tolerance of the individual taking it. The research is on the sparse side, so it is doubtful that marijuana is going to be used as a treatment for anxiety any time in the near future.

This could be because studies have also shown that people who use cannabis regularly have low quality of life scores as opposed to individuals who do not use cannabis. Many medical experts believe that this could make anxiety disorders much worse. So, of course, there is no right or wrong answer, but your doctor will not be prescribing it for your anxiety disorder any time soon.


If you live in Illinois and need to obtain medical cannabis in Cook County, there are ways in which to go about that. You need to be diagnosed with a pre-qualifying condition, which anxiety is not. You will want to check the list of pre-qualifying conditions as well as the requirements for applying for an ID card. Even though you cannot use cannabis as a treatment for anxiety, it can be used for many other ailments.

To find out how to get medical cannabis in Cook County to treat your illness, visit the Greenhouse website for more details.

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