Qualities to Look for in Outdoor Futon Covers in Honolulu

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2015


Futons are a very versatile piece of furniture. While it is mostly used indoors, the outdoor lifestyle in Honolulu encourages these pieces of furniture to be utilized outdoors. The key factor in turning these pieces suitable for the outdoors is located in the fabric. These are some of the qualities to look for in an outdoor cover.

Hawaii has the occasional rainstorm. Waterproof Futon Covers in Honolulu are something to consider with outdoor living. Water repellent fabric will prevent moisture from soaking into the material. This will also help to prevent mold from growing on the futon. This type of material will also help prevent the need to take the futon indoors all the time. It can also resist staining that can occur from spilled drinks which can make the fabric look older.

Another quality of a cover to look at is the resistance to fading. As the hot summer sun beats down on the futon, the fabric starts to deteriorate. This leads to the fabric fading from its bright vivid colors. This can make furniture look older than it actually is. It can also reduce the lifespan of the futon since the faded fabric is weaker and more prone to tearing. Fading is also a sign that the protective coating has been compromised.

Durability is another factor to consider with Futon Covers in Honolulu. Outdoor fabric must be able to stand up to the wear and tear. Since the futon is subjected to a lot of use due to the outdoor lifestyle, the fabric needs to be able to withstand the abuse of nap-times or beach sand. There are many abrasive substances that can get on the futon. Often, delicate fabrics will rip and tear from the exposure. A durable fabric will ensure that the look of the futon is retained.

While there are many options available for futon covers, these are the characteristics to look for in regards to transforming the futon into outdoor furniture. Waterproof qualities, durability and resistance to fading will keep the futons looking stylish for a long period of time. For more options on the different types of covers available, check out.

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