Quick Guide to Joint Replacement Revision in Sacramento, CA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


If you’ve visited an orthopedic specialist and they have suggested or recommended joint replacement, you may want to learn more about the procedure and your options. Surgery can be stressful leading up to the event and throughout recovery, which is why you should get informed, to reduce stress to a minimum. Joint replacement revision can be beneficial for patients of all ages, but they are most commonly performed on elderly patients, especially those with arthritis.

Joint replacement is taking out a joint and replacing it with an artificial metal or plastic replacement part. A joint may be replaced by an orthopedic surgeon and specialist, as the prosthetic can prevent further pain. To learn more about joint replacement revision in Sacramento, CA, here is a quick guide to help.


Before surgery can be recommended, a diagnosis needs to occur. Usually a physical examination and x-rays can be used to make a diagnosis. In addition to that, history of injury may also be used to help make an accurate diagnosis. The most important part of the process is diagnosis, since it must be accurate in order to help with the pain, physical limitations, and so on.

Joints in the Body

There are joints all over the body. Elbows, hands, hips, and knees all have joints, though there are many more joints throughout the body. All joints can be replaced by the right professional with a good prosthetic alternative.  to learn more.

Benefits of Joint Replacement

• Reduced Pain: Above all else, joint replacement revision can reduce pain.

• Better Mobility: When a patient has a joint replaced, it can increase their physical ability to get around and be mobile.

• Dependable Prosthetics: Prosthetics are typically made from metal or plastic, both of which don’t cause infection and provide a great alternative for a natural joint.

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