Rent Traditional Wedding Chuppahs in Maui

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Sep, 2017


While the wedding chuppah is traditionally used in Jewish wedding ceremonies, more couples are using them regardless of their faith. Some people like them because they provide cover for outdoor weddings, while others like their symbolism. Although some people build their own, many companies, who rent wedding event items have them available as well

Chuppah Tradition

The word “chuppah” means “covering or protection,” so most wedding chuppahs in Maui are canopies which are often used in outdoor ceremonies. However, if you are Jewish, you may use a chuppah indoors during the ceremony as it is considered a requirement by the Talmud, which is the Jewish civil and ceremonial laws.

The chuppah represents the groom’s home, and when the bride stands under it, she is being welcomed into it as her new domain. However, for people who are not Jewish, wedding chuppahs may be just a quaint tradition they can adopt into their own ceremony. Some of them may be used as a focal point where the bride, groom, and officiant stand.

Decorative Chuppahs

Many people decorate the top of a chuppah’s structure with flowers or vines that match those carried by the bride. Some rental companies will provide sheer canopies for their chuppahs in many colors to fit in with the bride and groom’s wedding colors. Whether you’re adding one to your wedding in keeping with your faith tradition or just because you think they are charming, wedding chuppahs can add a touch of tradition to anyone’s wedding.

Since they are becoming more popular, don’t forget to add a wedding chuppah when ordering the tent, furniture, and dance floor for your wedding ceremony and reception. To see what we offer and to know more about us, go to our website. You will find what items can be ordered to make your wedding day special.

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