Restoring Hearing Loss before it Adversely Impacts Lives with an Audiology Service in Oklahoma City OK

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2016


A big barrier in communication comes with hearing loss. Many in this position feel to be cast out from the world. Friends and family may not be as interactive with them, due to such extreme limitations in successfully exchanging information. Hearing loss does not need to result in a life of solitude, providing that an audiology service in Oklahoma City OK is there to help. Hearing aids reinstitute this important sense so those suffering from hearing loss can depart from a world of silence.

Here is what happens to the auditory senses in hearing loss. The ear drum vibrates when sound waves come in contact with it. Three small bones called the cochlea carry the vibrations to the auditory nerve, which then sends the signal to the brain. There are two types of hearing loss. Conductive hearing loss occurs when sounds fail to travel seamlessly through the ear. It’s caused by incident like a punctured eardrum, fluid build up in the ear, a genetic anomaly or infection. Sound is muffled in this case. This type of hearing loss can only be treated with surgery since the passageway to the auditory nerve is blocked. Sensorineural hearing loss happens when there is some defect in the cochlea. This kind of hearing loss affects the majority. It comes with age, fluid accumulating in the inner ear, head trauma, or genetics. Hearing aids are able to restore hearing loss affected in this way.

After an audiology service in Oklahoma City OK completes a hearing assessment, the customer is offered a hand-picked selection of hearing aids. Hearing aid types are chosen by the degree of hearing loss, lifestyle choice and how the customer wants the device to fit. Hearing aids come with various features that improves hearing in the manner of which the person using it needs. Those who spend much of their time outdoors or places with a lot of background noise need a device with enhanced noise cancelling abilities. Those who spend more time at home or in quieter places would need a device that transmits high resolution sound during phone calls and while speaking with someone in close range. Contact Pro Hearing LLC for a free consultation.

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