Reviewing Circumstances With Construction Accident Lawyers In Belvidere, Illnois

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2017


In Illinois, all construction companies must follow safety regulations related to their projects. Federal regulations must be followed to mitigate common risks that could lead to an injury or fatality. The construction company must follow measures to protect their visitors and workers. Construction Accident Lawyers in Belvidere Illinois provide assistance for victims of these failures.

Where Signs Around the Work Space?

The federal regulations identify the need for signs around the work space. The signs must have letters that measure at least ten inches in sizes. This increases the visibility of the words. The signs can lower the risks of injuries by warning local residents of hazardous conditions. The absence of signs presents a liability.

Where There Barriers Around the Site?

The work site must have barriers around it to prevent entry. The barriers must stop any unauthorized individuals from navigating through the construction site. The barriers help the foreman keep the work space secured and stops outsiders from sustaining unnecessary injuries. If the barriers weren’t present, the construction company is liable for any injuries that occurred.

Were Explosives Used in the Project?

At any time that explosives are used in a construction project, the company must issue a notice in the local newspaper. This presents the public with vital details ahead of schedule. With the notice, the construction company is informing the public of the hazards within the work space. This stops them from facing liabilities later. Any unauthorized use of explosives presents an immediate liability for the company.

Was Adequate Safety Gear Provided by the Employer?

When projects are excessively dangerous, the employer must provide specific safety equipment for their workers. This may include harnesses and protective clothing. A failure to provide the equipment presents a liability if workers are injured.

In Illinois, all construction companies are held at a higher liability if they don’t follow federal regulations. The permits they get for completing construction projects define risks that must be mitigated according to the regulations. This includes specific steps for handling explosives and performing demolition. Victims of related accidents contact Construction Accident Lawyers in Belvidere Illinois through Clark Frost Williams Zucchi today.

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