Safety Tips From Experts In Electrical Service In Lehigh Valley, PA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Aug, 2016


There’s a reason why electricians get paid pretty well; the work requires a lot of knowledge and expertise, and it can be dangerous. Simple mistakes carry serious risks when working with electricity, and electrical repairs don’t make good DIY projects. For major repairs or new installation, make sure to call a professional. For using electricity in your home, make sure you’re doing it safely. The following are some safety tips from professional providers of Electrical Service Lehigh Valley PA:

• Fuses and breakers are not the same things; fuses belong to older homes and breakers to newer ones. Sometimes a fuse blows, or a circuit trips and most homeowners can safely change a fuse or flip a switch. However, if you notice that it’s happening regularly, then you have a more serious problem, and it’s time to call a professional.

• Avoid overloading an outlet. This can be a temptation in older homes that were built when people were less dependent on electronic devices than they are now. But sending too much power through an outlet can cause a fire. Make sure that large appliances, like ovens and washing machines, are plugged directly into an outlet and never into a power strip or adapter.

• Check electrical cords for frayed spots. The exposed wire can spark and start a fire. To protect cords, keep them clear and visible. Avoid running them under the carpet or under furniture where they could suffer unseen damage.

• Be careful using electrical cords outdoors; some cords are made for outdoor use, but indoor cords are not able to withstand rain, extreme heat, or extreme cold.

• Never try to force a plug into an outlet. If the plug doesn’t fit, or if it seems loose when it’s plugged in, unplug and replace it. Although it’s a relatively simple task, most people are more comfortable having a qualified electrician replace a plug.

Following these safety tips can help you avoid an electrical fire or injury. If an electrical outlet is hot to the touch or if you notice the lights dimming, contact a professional electrician right away for Electrical Service Lehigh Valley PA. Click here for more information about electrical services from Kauffman Electric.

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