Services Offered by Companies Specializing in Disaster Restoration in Waldorf

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2016


Damage to personal and commercial properties can occur in a variety of different ways. Natural disasters, such as fires and storms, unfortunate accidents, like burst pipes and ensuing water damage, and human intervention, typically in the form of vandalism, all have one thing in common: they can all be cleaned up by a disaster restoration specialist. When it comes to Disaster Restoration in Waldorf, the majority of damage is done by natural forces.

Fire Damage Restoration

When a house or commercial fire occurs, the effects can be farther-reaching than simply losing property that has been directly exposed to the flames. Smoke damage, lingering odors, and soot and ash residue can all wreak havoc as well, if not addressed immediately. Often there is additional water damage or even flooding; that must be addressed as well, due to firefighting efforts such as pressure hoses. Do not re-enter damaged buildings without first evaluating their structural integrity.

Water and Flood Damage

Particularly in the circumstances such as regional floods, where external water levels also rise, large amounts of standing water can do serious damage to a home or office building. Warped floors will be the least of a homeowner’s worries if water is left standing for long enough to do structural damage to the building. Similarly, standing water can provide a perfect environment for growing dangerous mold. Often conditions after a flood are hazardous and require specialized equipment and safety gear to be properly evaluated and addressed.

Other Forms of Damage

Vandalism is a particularly dangerous form of property destruction, as it is directly caused by other people. If a store or home has been vandalized, it’s a good idea to have the mess cleaned up as quickly as possible. Not all disaster response companies offer vandalism clean-up services. ServiceMaster by America’s Restoration Services is one example of a company that does.

Disasters affecting homes and other properties come in many, often multi-faceted, forms. They require a wide range of expertise to safely be addressed. The best thing a home or property owner can do after disaster strikes is call in professionals as soon as possible to evaluate the damage and determine how best to move forward with restoration.

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