The Benefits of Choosing Boat Trailers for Sale

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Industrial Goods and Services


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There are a lot of different boat trailer manufacturers selling in the United States. Not all of these companies focus on the larger boats from sailboats and yachts to the large powerboats and commercial and military marine craft.

Focus on Boat and User Safety

Any size and type of our hydraulic yard or road boat trailers for sale are designed with safety in mind. This is safety both for the valuable craft that is being towed, as well as for the operators.

All of our boat trailers for sale have double locking check valves on all of the hydraulic cylinders. With this feature even if a hose splits or there is a leak in the system the cylinder won’t collapse even with the weight of the boat. We also offer submersible lighting, air suspension ride for hull protection and locked cross beams to keep the trailer aligned even at highway speeds.

Manufacturing Expertise

All of our trailers are MIG welded to our exacting specifications. We also fully test all of our frames for corrosion resistance and use hermetically sealed fittings to extend their life and prevent damage to the fittings in marine environments. Most of the fasteners and locks used on the trailer will be stainless, adding to the durability of the trailer and also extending the life of even the smallest components.

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