Tips For Choosing A Table Runner

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2017


A table runner can be used to make a table setting formal or more casual. The choice of the width and length of the runner, a well as the fabric and color, will all make a difference in the final presentation and look.

If you are not familiar with using a table runner, here are some basic tips and advice for getting the right look for your table for any event.


The shape of the table and how the table is going to be set up will be a factor to consider when choosing a runner. If you are going to have a tablecloth, measure the runner to be the same length as the tablecloth.

This will allow the edges of the runner to sit at the same distance down from the edge of the table as the tablecloth. If the runner is being used without a tablecloth, the edges should hand down on either side of the ends of the table by at least six to eight inches.


Typically, with a rectangular table, the runner will be placed down the middle of the table. They are typically thirteen inches in width and form a divider between the two sides of the table when people are seated on both sides.

For some types of table settings, such as a head table where people are seated only on one side, the table runner is often positioned, about two-thirds of the way across the table, leaving more space between the runner and the place settings.

For a round table with a tablecloth, it is possible to use two runners to form a cross on the center of the table. This could also be done with a square table and, depending on the colors and fabric selected for the tablecloth and the runner, this can create a dramatic presentation.

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