Tips For Selecting Wedding Rings For Women

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2016


For most men, the foray into serious jewelry buying begins with the engagement ring, but it really doesn’t end at this point. There will also be the need to choose from the different wedding rings for women to complete the bridal set, as well as to present to the bride at the wedding ceremony.

Traditionally wedding rings for women, as well as for men, have been simple bands. The engagement ring was meant to take center stage and to be the more flashy and extravagant ring worn on the third finger of the left hand.

Today, there are many more options for wedding rings for women that complement the diamond or gemstones in the engagement setting and add to the look of the rings paired together. Some of these are sold as bridal sets, where the engagement ring and the wedding band are carefully crafted to match each other in all aspects of the design.

Coordinating with the Engagement Ring

One of the most important considerations when buying wedding rings for women is how the specific ring selected will pair or coordinate with the engagement ring. This includes the type and style of band, the setting on the engagement ring, and, of course, the diamonds and gemstone combinations.

Unless the wedding and engagement rings are two tone gold, it is traditional to choose a wedding ring or band that are the same metal. For example, if the engagement ring is platinum, the wedding ring should be the same.

The Size of the Diamond or Gemstones

The diamond on the engagement ring is typically the largest diamond in the bridal set. However, you can choose wedding rings for women that feature smaller diamonds, or diamonds and gemstones, set into the band in a channel style or set apart as inset gems along the band.

Another very popular option in wedding rings for women that is a good match for many of the classic as well as modern styles of engagement rings is the pavé style, which includes small diamonds that cover the surface, creating a dazzling addition to the engagement ring that compliments and enhances the brilliance and sparkle of the larger engagement diamond.

Ideally, bring in the engagement ring when choosing wedding rings for women. This will allow you to see the two beside each other, and decide which combination provides just the look you want to celebrate your love.

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