Tips from the Experts on Basement Foundation Repair in Rockville

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2017


The foundation is, arguably, the most crucial part of any house because it carries the weight of the entire building. The foundation is basically the conduit through which the weight of the building is transferred to the ground beneath. The amount of weight supported by the basement foundation means that regular repairs are required. Here are a few tips from the gurus on Basement Foundation Repair in Rockville.

Basic Information

The two commonly used methods are patching repairs and mortar application.

The first step to ensuring the basement foundation remains intact is identifying the problems as they arise. Most damage to a basement foundation is caused by soil shrinkage and excessive exposure to moisture. The main signs that foundation repairs are required are:

• The door(s) not opening or closing smoothly.

• The floor being uneven in some places

• Cracks appearing in the floor

Before carrying out any repairs on the cracks, clean them first. Cleaning ensures that any adhesive material used will have a clean surface to bind to. Check the crack carefully to determine the suitable repair method.


This method is used in cases where there is a lot of water damage. In areas where there is faulty plumbing and the soil beneath the foundation is of low density, stagnant water becomes a serious problem. The excessive moisture causes cracks in the foundation.

A simple solution to this problem is patching the leaky areas. These cracks may need a lot of mortar to fill since some layers of mortar will peel off due to the wet surface. Be sure to get rid of the excess mortar before the next layer is applied.

Dry repairs

This method is more preventative than it is an actual repair procedure. It is recommended when the cracks begin to appear and the moisture damage is negligible. The material most commonly used for such repairs is either mortar or cement. The mortar/cement is mixed with water and sand. Apply this mixture over the cracked or uneven areas to level out the surface. Allow sufficient time for the area to dry before painting it over or covering it with a rug.

In conclusion, the above-mentioned are just a few tips for Basement Foundation Repair in Rockville. For more detailed information, visit Website domain and have the foundation problem handled by real professionals.

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