Tips on Servicing Your Air Conditioner in Birmingham

Posted By : alex , on Jul, 2014


The air conditioner is important in ensuring that you are breathing clean and germ-free air. It comes either separately or as part of the houses HVAC system. To get good service from your AC unit, you need to service it regularly. Here are a few tips to help you get the best maintenance for your Air Conditioner in Birmingham.

The common AC unit issues

There are some issues that are common to all AC units. These include

1. Filter issues: The air filters are supposed to ensure that all the air that is circulating in the home is free from dust, pollen and other contaminants. When the filters have been working for a long time, they will accumulate dirt, and their filtering efficiency will be lowered. If they are not cleaned or replaced, they may end up contaminating the same air that they are supposed to purify. It is therefore important to replace the filters if they are temporary or replace them if they are permanent.

2. Problems with the registers: Registers will only stop working the way they are supposed to if they get covered by things such as furniture or upholstery. When you realize that the registers aren’t working, you need to reorder the furniture causing the problem.

3. Issues with the condenser unit: This is the part of the unit that controls the cooling process. The main problem that affects this part of the unit is ice accumulation that interferes with the efficiency of the unit. This can easily be solved by cleaning the ice from the unit.

These are some of the common AC unit issues that van be solved with simple maintenance. However, there are certain issues that are a little too complicated for regular servicing. For instance:

1. When the energy bill keeps rising, it could mean the Air Conditioner unit’s efficiency could have been compromised. A replacement could be the only solution.

2. When the air in the home is stuffy regardless of the fact that the system is running, it means that a part of the system has stopped working, and repairs are necessary.

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