Top Questions and Answers about Termite Control in Dallas

Posted By : Phineas Gray , on Nov, 2014


Dallas’s climate offers the perfect breeding ground for pests like termites, but should you be concerned? Here are some of the top questions and answers many homeowners have regarding termites:

Why Is Termite Control Important?

The top concern with termites includes the cost of damages caused by damage to the wood structure of your home. Wood is one of the most popular building materials, and termites often work their way from the inside-out. By the time homeowners identify the damage, it may be too late. Experts providing termite control in Dallas, such as Wildlife X Team, are able to detect termites with special tools and training, even as they hide in between plywood, walls and ceilings. Studies show the estimated cost of damages caused by termites throughout the United States equals billions of dollars.

When Are Termite Infestations Most Common?

Warmer climates often see the biggest termite infestations. However, never wait until spring or summer to call termite control specialists. Preventive measures can be taken year-round.

Where Are Termites Most Commonly Found?

If you have a termite infestation, they are likely to be found in areas like the walls, floor foundations and drywall. An expert can help identify these areas.

Can I Spot Treat Termites With Store-Bought Solutions?

This isn’t recommended because termites may exist in multiple locations in the home. When it comes to driving out an infestation, big or small, the best bet is with a professional pest control company like Wildlife X Team.

Preventive Steps for Termite Control

As a homeowner, there are a few smart steps to take to decrease the likelihood of termites. Here are a few:

  • Moisture Control – Termites and many other pests are attracted to areas with high moisture levels. Ensure leaks in plumbing are fixed in a timely manner. Also maintain gutters, HVAC systems and other areas where water could puddle throughout the year.
  • Eliminate Food Sources – Wood near the home is often the biggest culprit. Stash any wood safely in a sealed storage building, particularly one that’s located away from the main home.
  • Caulk and Seal – Cracks and crevices throughout the home can grant access to these pests. Caulking further prevents leaks and entry for other pests like roaches and mice.
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