Using Sequins to Add Sparkle to Your Wedding

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


Sequins are having a bit of a moment. It seems that everywhere you look, clothing, accessories, décor and more are bedazzled with these trendy sparklers. So, it only stands to reason that they’ve made their way into wedding trends for the coming year.

Not sure how to incorporate sequin fabric into your big day? Here are a few suggestions to get you started!

As a Backdrop

Backdrops are usually made from muted fabrics in soft colors or simple patterns, but why not jazz it up a bit for your special day? Whether you’re looking to add some sparkle to the area behind a particular table or create some visual interest for a photo booth, sequin fabric makes an excellent drapery, curtain or backdrop.

As a Tablecloth or Runner

Tablespaces are an excellent place to add visual interest and drama to your wedding venue or reception hall. Adding sequins to one or more tablecloths will give your guests that big impression without costing you a ton of extra money. A few ways to use sequins on your tablespaces include:

  • Adding appeal to a buffet or dessert table
  • Making your sweetheart table – where the wedding party sits – stand apart from other tables
  • Adding extra twinkle to sparkling drinks on a beverage table
  • Showcasing special mementos at the ceremony

Wherever you use them, sequins add dimension, movement and interest to any table – without adding zeros to your budget.

On the Bride

Today’s brides aren’t just making their wedding venues glamorous – they’re putting that added sparkle right on their dresses and accessories. If you’re not sure how comfortable you’d be with a fully-sequined dress, consider these shining options for added wow-factor at the altar:

  • A veil studded or lined with sequins
  • A sequined belt or sash for your dress
  • Shoes bedazzled with sequined fabric
  • Sequins in the bouquet
  • Accessories with extra sparkle, such as sequined headbands or jewelry

No matter where you’re comfortable with wearing them, sequins add a special touch to any part of your wedding day ensemble.

Ready to give the sequin trend a try? Get more tips and the selection of gorgeous fabrics, colors and styles you need from your local or online retailer of fabrics, linens and more. You and your delighted guests will be glad you did!

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