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Posted By : alex , on Jun, 2014


In today’s fast-paced world, life can become stressful. Whether you are a high profile business executive or an overworked stay at home mother, you can benefit from some relaxation time. Treat yourself to a day at the salon and spa. A little pampering can make you feel relaxed and ready to face any challenge.

Look for a hair salon El Dorado Hills that offers spa services as well. You can get your hair cut, permed and tinted then get a facial and massage. Short and long hair styles, hair extensions, men and women cuts are all services that are available. Maybe you want a partial or full hair highlight. Your local spa/salon can take care of that as well. You can even purchase professional hair care products to take care of that new style at your salon.

Then move on to a Swedish or deep tissue massage. Get a hot stone massage. Stones are heated to a comfortable temperature and then applied to your skin to use in the massage to work out those knots in your muscles. Perhaps a rain shower followed by a massage with essential oils topped off with a heated towel rub down would be just the ticket to relaxation. Consider a side by side couples massage for you and your significant other. The perfect start to a romantic evening together or the beginning of your wedding day! Maybe a day at the salon/spa would be ideal for you and your bridesmaids. Your groom and his attendants could enjoy a Turkish steam and shower. Select a sea salt polish body treatment to exfoliate your skin. There are several body treatments to choose from to get your skin soft and renewed in no time.

Research hair salon El Dorado Hills to find the nearest salon/spa such as Hoshall’s Salon and Spa. Check out their services and treat yourself! You and your significant other can enjoy their amenities together. The salon/spa can be the perfect spot to start your wedding day or other celebration. Salon/spa gift certificates are perfect for Valentine’s Day, birthdays and anniversaries as well. It is the perfect way to relax and pamper yourself!


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