Why Eye Exams in Cambridge, MA are Important

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With people’s busy schedules, it can be hard to remember eye exams in Cambridge, MA, but routinely checking the eyes is important, whether you are older or are extremely healthy. The eye doctor will usually want to do a comprehensive exam on the eyes, which doesn’t just look for whether you need eyeglasses or not. The eyes will be checked for eye disease and how well your eyes work together. The doctor may also be able to indicate, through your eyes, how your overall health is and are usually first to identify specific diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Who Needs Eye Exams in Cambridge, MA

Every adult should have their eyes checked once a year, or as directed by your eye doctor. Whether you use prescription glasses or contact lenses, you should still get checked out thoroughly to ensure that there are no new problems that have arisen.

Children should also have their eyes checked once a year. Children learn a lot by using their vision. If there are undetected problems with vision, children usually show it first by having their schoolwork suffer. They may receive headaches or may not be able to see the board correctly. Most children don’t realize they may have a problem with their eyes, so it is important to have the eyes checked regularly and for parents to pay close attention to children’s pains and problems.

What the Eye Doctor Checks

Many times, the eye doctor performs exams to check for eye diseases and the beginning of vision loss. However, they will also be able to check for refractive errors, such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, and farsightedness. They can also check for crossed eyes, the efficiency of the eyes to work together, and how well they focus.

They can also check inside the eye for diseases such as glaucoma that offer no symptoms, along with other conditions that may affect the retina or blood vessels in the eye. They can also detect conditions that have nothing to do with the eye, such as diabetes.

Vision Screenings and Eye Exams

A vision screening is a limited exam that can identify some vision problems and are usually done by a pediatrician or school nurse. Another example of a vision screening is the eye test provided when you renew your driver’s license. They can be helpful, but they are not the same as a comprehensive exam.

Eye exams in Cambridge, MA are necessary to establish that there is no problem with the eye or to find the problem and correct it. General Optical Company offers comprehensive eye exams. Visit website for more information.

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