Car Repair; Independent Shop Or Dealer?

by | Jan 9, 2017 | Automotive


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There is a way to ease the pain of auto repair, a way to save money and get excellent service. A recent survey found that the majority of people are of the opinion that when you need auto repair in Midway that the experience is more satisfactory from an independent shop than from the dealer you bought the car from. The same survey found that people were very happy with the price, quality; staff courtesy and timely repairs.

The drawbacks of a dealership:

Dealerships are losing out on repair work not necessarily because of the quality of work; it’s more likely that it is cost. In years past a dealership got a great deal of warranty work, it actually represented about three quarters of all the work they did. Cars today are simply better and last longer, as a result there is considerably less warranty work to do.

Dealership repair centers work on what is known as a “flat rate.” Assume for a moment that a repair on your car was set for a flat rate of two hours, if the job gets done in less time you still pay for two hours worth of the technician’s labor. You can see that this arrangement can lead to hurrying jobs to meet a quota; in many cases the technician will cut corners, which often causes issues down the road.

The pros of an independent repair shop:

An independent auto repair shop is invariably a local company and they strive to maintain an excellent reputation. The focus of a shop that does auto repair in Midway is excellence in both the work they do and in the way they serve their customers.

Serious independents have invested heavily in technology, training and equipment; there is no reason to think for a moment that you will get less than perfect work at a better price.

If you are looking for auto repair in Midway you will be pleased that you entrusted your car to the pros at VIP Tire & Auto Centers.

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