What Lawyers Near Hattiesburg, MS Can Do For You

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2015


When should people call Lawyers near Hattiesburg MS? After a person is arrested, should the individual wait until after being interviewed by police to contact an attorney? The truth is that people who have been placed under arrest shouldn’t discuss anything with law enforcement without consulting a lawyer. As an investigative measure, law enforcement officers will often try to appear helpful to people who have been arrested. They will act as if they have an arrested person’s best interests in mind. In reality, they are just trying to gather evidence against the person. Without legal help, an arrested person could provide cops with information that is very damaging.

Does being arrested mean that a person will be charged with a crime? In most cases, people who are arrested will be charged with something. However, there are times when lawyers can help their clients avoid charges after an arrest. Lawyers can work to provide evidence that shows why law enforcement shouldn’t charge a person. They can also quickly review any information the police have to look for weaknesses in the case. When those weaknesses are presented to law enforcement, they might decide that it’s not worth pursuing charges. Lawyers near Hattiesburg MS, can help their clients show law enforcement that they are serious about fighting to prove their innocence.

With the police misconduct being discussed more and more in this country, people might wonder what their rights are when encountering law enforcement. Do passengers have to present identification during a traffic stop? Does law enforcement have the right to search a vehicle during a stop? How much does a driver have to say to a cop during a traffic stop? The good news is that Criminal Attorneys at T. Michael Reed and other criminal defense Lawyers near Hattiesburg MS, have the answers to all of those questions. People can pay for an attorney’s time and ask questions to find out what they can and cannot do while interacting with law enforcement officers. It’s good for people to know when their rights are being violated.

Lawyers can help in a variety of ways, and people don’t have to be in trouble with the law to benefit from all of the knowledge that lawyers have. Click here for more information.

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