2 Types Of Equipment Used To Help Prevent Or Reduce Radiation Exposure

Posted By : Timothy Harvard , on Jun, 2020


Several industries require workers to be exposed to radiation. Construction, mining, shipping, electronics, agriculture, security, and medical are only to mention a few of the many industries that routinely expose their workers to radiation. You might perhaps be wondering what businesses or companies are doing to help reduce radiation exposure. Here are 2 types of equipment that are used across many industries to prevent or reduce exposure to radiation.

Barriers or Shields

Lead barriers or radiation shielding is one type of equipment that is widely utilized throughout several industries. These types of barriers reduce the amount of radiation exposure. Lead-lined glass and frames are particularly used in the medical field, specifically in diagnostic imaging. Radiation shielding can also come in the form of lead sheets or plates, which is typically used in industrial factories, construction sites, mining projects, and more.


In addition to lead barriers, machine parts can also be made out of lead material to aid in reducing radiation exposure. Building materials such as red bricks or glazed tiles to electronic devices like mobile phones and tablets are only to mention a few of the many types of products that emit or produce radiation. The parts of the machinery that is used to manufacture these products can be made out of lead to prevent or reduce radiation exposure.

The Takeaway

These are only to mention 2 types of equipment that several industries utilize to prevent or reduce radiation exposure. These types of equipment are necessary for businesses to have across several industries to meet compliance standards and to protect their employees.

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