3 Advantages of Using River Rock for Your Landscaping in Austin

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Dec, 2019


An attractive and appealing landscape can instantly make your property look ten times better. It can also add a lot of value to it and boost its curb appeal. Loved ones, visitors, and residents will truly enjoy looking at the masterpiece for a long time. If you’re thinking about using river rock in Austin, TX, here are some advantages to think about beforehand:

1. River Rock Lasts for a Long Time

This is one benefit that most people love about using river rock in their landscaping. The fact that it lasts for a while gives people the ability to get more out of their investment, especially when it is compared to other materials like mulch and wood chips. Professionals will also be able to help you find more ways to make this last longer.

2. River Rock Controls Weeds

When you install river rocks in Austin, TX, in conjunction with landscaping fabric, they do an excellent job of controlling weeds. All you would have to do is have professionals get that area covered with black landscaping fabric. After that, have them pile the river rock over it.

3. Wonderful for Erosion

Rocks are an excellent choice when it comes to erosion, especially wind erosion. Rocks carry a bit of weight, and that makes it harder for the wind to blow them away. Lighter weight materials won’t be able to do that as well of course.

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