3 Beautiful Ideas for a Brand New Wood Railing in Charlotte County, FL and Unload That Old Wood Rail

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jun, 2020


The classic wooden railing is in millions of American homes. It does not increase the value of the property. It does not look pleasing. When untreated, it ends up giving the kids splinters and being a nest for wasps and squirrels. The old railing design has to go. To replace it could be any of the below three new ideas. Brainstorm with the whole family and consider an innovative and sensational new railing to improve the backyard patio. All of the below ideas take the traditional form of a deck railing-; wood-; and innovate upon it.

No-Gap Wood Railing

Wood is not a fundamentally bad railing design in Charlotte County, FL. It actually works quite well, and there are ways to make it beautiful. Some homeowners do not look favorably towards the gaps that are common in wood railings. Designers can implement a fully-private wood railing in Charlotte County, FL that can have small pockets for decorative windows and frames. The deck patio is closed in for extra privacy, and the look from below is enchanting.

Chippendale Wood

Chippendale wood is especially artistic, and there are some great options here as well. One of the most popular is the eye design. It is a wood railing design that consists of a circle that is speared from multiple sides. It creates this stunning design that leaves some gaps between the railing. This allows the light to creep through while keeping the deck mostly private.

Hand-Made Log Railings

For a purely natural railing design, take a thorough look at log railings. Log railings tend to be very thick. They use logs that are smoothed and treated for preservation. The logs rest above a few wooden stakes that align the patio space. The log is smooth but still extremely natural-looking. It fits perfectly with the surrounding environment and is a natural fit for a home that overlooks a patch of woods.

The untreated and beaten wooden railing has to go in favor something that is fresh and new. Explore many innovative wood railing ideas, such as the above log railing design or an abstract style. Contact Shoreline Lumber Inc to get more ideas for wood railing.

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