3 Benefits of Composite Fillings in Macon, GA

Posted By : alex , on Sep, 2020


Individuals who need fillings due to cavities or damaged fillings are often quite happy with composite fillings. These fillings are quickly becoming more popular, as they match your natural teeth and don’t stand out like silver amalgam fillings. Before you visit a dentist, it’s wise to research the benefits of composite fillings. This article will explain those benefits so you can make an educated decision.

Composite Fillings are Durable

Composite fillings are incredibly durable, bonding completely to the tooth as they’re applied by a dentist. Unlike traditional amalgam fillings, which can loosen over time or become damaged, these fillings are designed to last a lifetime. Once Composite Fillings in Macon, GA, are applied, your cavity is typically fixed for the life of the tooth. A Georgia dentist can perform a complete evaluation, then fit you with composite fillings to repair any cavities you have.

The Fillings are Aesthetically Pleasing

Composite Fillings in Macon, GA, are also far more attractive than amalgam fillings. Silver fillings can be unsightly, leading individuals to overly focus on their teeth. This is especially true if the silver colored filling must be placed in a front tooth. Composite fillings, on the other hand, are designed to match the tooth’s natural color. They blend in very well, and are indistinguishable from your natural tooth. The fillings are attractive and visually pleasing, making them a great option for visible fillings or for individuals who dislike the look of amalgam fillings. Composite Fillings are Impervious to Thermal Stress

Amalgam fillings are made of metals that expand and contract with variances in temperature. This means that the filling can expand when you drink hot drinks, or contract when you eat cold foods like ice cream. This can be quite uncomfortable, especially if you already have some degree of dental sensitivity. Composite fillings, on the other hand, are made of materials that do not react to thermal variances. This means that you’ll have no sensitivity or pain where the fillings are placed, no matter which foods and drinks you choose. Don’t just jump straight to the cheapest or most common option when it comes to repairing your teeth. Instead, carefully evaluate the options available to you. Consult a local dentist, like Providence Dental Spa. Composite fillings are strong, thermally resistant, and durable. This means that they’ll repair your dental damage completely and last for many years to come.

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