3 Big Trends in Pharmaceutical Packaging to Watch Out For

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jan, 2019


In the world of pharma, the packaging matters just as much as the drugs in them. Preserving the quality of medicine is an essential part of the packaging that requires plenty of care and consideration on the part of the manufacturer. There are many ways pharmaceutical packaging is produced, and plenty of processes and clearances it undergoes before it can be safe for use.

This year, we saw the rise of several new trends in pharmaceutical packaging. In the following years to come, will these still hold? Here are few of the key trends that are engaging drug packaging today:


When it comes to drugs, it’s not just about the customization of medicines, but also the packaging. What this means is that as medicine continues to be increasingly personalized in a world that demands tailor-fit care, packaging will also need to adjust. Medicines will come in smaller batches due to the personalization for specific patients, and packaging will have to accommodate the smaller batches that they come in.

Patient Engagement

With today’s technological advancements, patient engagement is also beginning to enter the field of pharmaceutical packaging. Innovations such as radio frequency identification (RFID) and near field communication (NFC) tags have made it easier for manufacturers to allow patients to interact with their medication in a way that is leaning towards extremely personalized care. For instance, patients can scan the NFC tag on their medicine packaging to see the dosage and usage.

Packaging Manufacturer Accountability

Due to these innovations in drug packaging, it’s no wonder that packagers are also being held up to standard. The safety of their techniques in manufacturing must often be monitored. With changing regulations, it’s important to stick to constant rules that have been tried and tested to ensure that only the best quality of packaging will reach your clients.

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