3 Pointers to a Successful Local SEO Campaign

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Feb, 2017


Local search engine optimization is key to a successful marketing strategy. With the growth of e-commerce over the last few years, any entrepreneur worth his salt knows the importance of building his brand and business online. That’s why Local SEO matters. However, a few mistakes could hurt your business and result in a drop in rankings. Read on for suggestions on how to prevent those mistakes from happening:

Always check your data

The Entrepreneur says it’s important to make sure you check your data online. If your business is Kathy’s Cookies but “Kathys Cookies” is in there, that missing apostrophe might lead the online directories to register your business wrong. So always, always check your information. A little editing and proofreading won’t hurt and can save you from a ton of trouble later on.

Be consistent

Be sure to put in information that’s uniform and consistent for every online listing you used. If you’ve changed your number or name, make sure your information across all online platforms and listings reflect the same changes, says the Entrepreneur. You wouldn’t want to lose a potential sale or customer simply because they got your phone number or email wrong.

Hire pros

It’s not going to be easy. So if you don’t have a clue on how to optimize your pages, don’t make a hack job out of it. Hire pros to help you instead. With the help of a professional team, your local search engine optimization efforts will significantly improve. If you want faster and better results, it makes better sense to hire pros instead of assigning members of your marketing team—with zero social medial and local SEO experience—to the task. Don’t take chances with your online credibility. Get pros to help you build your online business right, in ways that your market will surely appreciate.

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