3 Reasons for Regular Duct Cleaning in Bellingham WA

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Aug, 2017


Many homeowners don’t know it, but they waste energy every day and pay higher utility bills because of it. When a home’s ductwork is dirty, its HVAC system works harder than necessary. However, Duct Cleaning in Bellingham WA can help homeowners save money and cut energy usage. In this guide, customers can learn how clean ducts can help them save money, use less energy and stay healthier.

Preventing Filter Clogs

Dust, dirt and debris from the air ducts circulate throughout the home, and it eventually collects in the HVAC filter. When the filter is dirty, airflow is restricted and the unit’s fan has to work harder than normal. More electricity is used, utility bills rise and the additional wear on the blower reduces the unit’s lifespan. Scheduling the occasional air duct cleaning can lessen the severity of these problems.

Keeping Air Vents Clean

Just as a dirty, clogged air filter inhibits airflow and puts additional strain on the blower system, so does a clogged air vent. If cooled or heated air can’t circulate efficiently, the thermostat does not see the temperature change and it allows the system to run endlessly. In these situations, a homeowner will pay more than needed to cool and heat the home, but a duct cleaning can keep these extra expenses under control.

Keeping the Blower Motor Clean

Dust from the home’s ductwork will eventually find its way inside the unit’s blower box, and it will coat the blower motor and the fan. The dust can act as an insulating layer that prevents the dissipation of heat, and it reduces the blower’s efficiency while increasing the chance of overheating. Not only does this use more energy, but it can also shorten the HVAC unit’s lifespan. Thankfully, Duct Cleaning in Bellingham WA can prevent these problems.

Most people don’t think about the ductwork because it’s out of sight, but it should be cleaned and maintained just like every other part of the home. The team at website offers duct cleaning and a range of other services to improve the quality of the home’s air and lower utility bills. Visit the website today, or call to speak to a friendly, knowledgeable team member about duct cleaning.

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