3 Reasons to Talk to Your Naperville Dentist About Getting Dental Implants

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2021


When you have gaps in your mouth due to missing or extracted teeth, your dentist may recommend getting dental implants in Naperville. An implant is a titanium device that mimics the root of a tooth and is attached to the bone beneath the gumline. The upper portions of the implant consist of an abutment and a crown to ensure the artificial implant closely resembles a natural tooth. Here are a few reasons you should complete your smile with implants.

Protect Your Surrounding Teeth
When you lose a tooth or have one extracted, the teeth that remain on either side of the gap will shift to try to fill that space. As a result, you’ll begin developing a crooked smile, and those teeth will face a greater risk of infection and decay. An implant fills that gap and protects the surrounding teeth, helping you keep a healthier looking smile.

Protect Against Bone Loss
The bone in your jaw provides a base that secures the roots of your teeth as well as providing a surface for bonding with your gum tissue. Once a tooth is missing, the opening makes it possible for bacteria and food acids to infect the bone and cause bone loss. The implant protects the bone against these risks.

Enjoy a Healthier Smile
When you get dental implants in Naperville, you can restore your full row of teeth. This gives you the confidence to smile more fully. You’ll also find it’s easier to properly chew your foods, and you’ll be able to speak more clearly. Restoring your smile with implants will significantly improve your overall quality of life.

If you have any oral health concerns or simply need your semi-annual checkup, schedule an appointment with Naperville Commons Dental by visiting https://www.napervillecommonsdental.com.

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