3 Reasons to Use Custom Stainless-Steel Tanks for Your Potable Water

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2021


If you need to store potable water on your commercial, industrial, or residential property, the types of tanks you use becomes an important concern. You’ll want to ensure the tank will last and won’t contaminate the water. Using custom stainless-steel tanks will provide you with the following benefits.


Many people use plastic storage tanks, believing them to be the most durable types of tanks that can be used for potable water. On the contrary, plastic does corrode over time, requiring replacement tanks every few years. However, stainless steel is much more durable and can almost last a lifetime before you see any signs of erosion.


Another difference between plastic and stainless steel is that plastic is susceptible to mold and bacterial growth. The plastic linings can also allow seepage that leads to further contamination of potable water. Stainless steel doesn’t suffer from these issues, which ensures potable water will remain safe to drink.


By the time a plastic container needs to be replaced, the material has corroded and is unsafe to reuse. However, stainless steel can always be recycled or reused. This makes it possible to create cheaper products with the material while limiting the amount of new stainless-steel products that will need to be manufactured. Although your custom stainless-steel tanks will last for a long time, you can find comfort in knowing that they won’t contribute to the waste in our landfills when you do need to replace them You can obtain a stainless-steel tank of any shape or size when you contact Chicago Boiler aka CB Mills online now.

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