3 Services an Elevator Company in St. Petersburg FL Provides to Building Owners

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2020


Elevators allow architects to design taller buildings by providing easy access to the various floors of the structure. They also make buildings ADA compliant by providing easy access for individuals with disabilities. Elevators are designed to deliver years of reliable service, and typically require little to no maintenance during their first ten years of operation. Despite their reliability, there are times when issues arise and require the attention of an expert service technician. The following is just a glimpse at the many ways they make maintaining a lift system worry free.

Regular Maintenance

Most states have an elevator device bureau that oversees the safe operation of any elevators that are used in a public space. One of their requirements is that the lift is inspected on a yearly basis. An Elevator Company in St. Petersburg FL will ensure the motor system is operational, and conduct a load bearing test to make sure that the system is safe for its maximum occupancy limit. Having these inspections done can help fend off future problems and reduce the chance of expensive repairs.

Emergency Repair Services

Even though elevators are not prone to breaking down, there may be times when a malfunction occurs and requires emergency service. An Elevator Company in St. Petersburg FL will provide 24/7 service and report on site at the first sign of trouble. This can minimize outages and allow any repairs to be made without delay. Most companies also offer a maintenance program that makes repairs more affordable and waves any service fees associated with an emergency appointment.

Elevator System Improvements

The technology used in elevators is constantly evolving. It is common for building owners to have their lifts upgraded as new advancements are made, and this can help extend the overall lifespan of an elevator. Talk to an elevator service company and learn more about the ways an existing system can be enhanced to provide the best riding experience for passengers and minimize outages.

The best way to maintain an elevator is to hire a company that provides installation and repair services. In the Florida area, building managers trust the lift system experts at Florida Elevator. Contact them today to learn more about their service contracts, and see just how easy and affordable keeping an elevator operational should be.

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