3 Things to Consider Before Scheduling Air Conditioning System Installation in San Marcos, TX

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Mar, 2018


Eventually, things in a home begin to wear and need to be replaced. While some things can limp along for a while not working at their best, an AC unit is something that needs immediate attention. Even if the unit hasn’t stopped working altogether, it could be costing a family a lot in energy bills if it is continuing to run inefficiently for long periods of time. Before jumping into an air conditioning system installation in San Marcos TX, there are several things to keep in mind along the way.


Just how much is an Air Conditioning System Installation in San Marcos TX going to cost? Most homeowners haven’t replaced their unit for years and may not be up to date on the latest costs. Look for a company that offers free estimates. This is a great way to get an idea of how much the unit itself is going to cost and how much the labor for installation is going to be. It’s also nice to get an estimate on a couple of different units to ensure the right one is selected.


After getting some idea of what the equipment and installation are going to cost, take a closer look at any rebates that are available. Some rebates are offered by the manufacturer. Others may even be offered by local banks. Either way, this can help offset some of the cost of this major home improvement. In addition to the amount of the rebate, find what needs to be done in order to be eligible.

Maintenance Agreements

After looking at the cost of a new AC unit, homeowners may be wary to look into maintenance agreements. But, in reality, these are real investments that should be considered. These appointments ensure that everything is working well at all times and can alert technicians and homeowners when there’s a problem with the system. This means catching major issues before they happen.

Contact us for an estimate and to learn more about local rebates and maintenance agreements. This is a huge investment in a home, and it’s important that homeowners feel confident and comfortable with the company they are working with. Don’t spend another summer trying to live through the heat.

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