3 Things to Expect From Your Ketamine Infusion

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Oct, 2016


Are you considering the potential benefits of ketamine infusions in Raleigh? Whether you are suffering from anxiety, depression or a persistent pain disorder, you may choose to pursue ketamine treatments under the advice of your therapist or physician. Before you get your first infusion, here are some of the things you may be able to expect.

Careful Monitoring

If you attend a reputable ketamine infusion clinic, you can generally feel confident that you will receive careful monitoring during the process. Each individual is different and will likely respond to the treatment in a unique way, which tends to make close monitoring especially important. In many cases, you may find that you are comfortable and free to move about during your infusion, but the clinic staff will still be keeping track of your vital signs and reactions.

Expert Care

Before you choose to start ketamine infusions in Raleigh, it is generally important to ensure you have chosen an expert clinic. Consider asking a trusted physician or therapist for advice on the clinic you should pick. An expert in ketamine therapy may be likely to have the most extensive and up to date knowledge of aspects such as precise dosage, proper administration and much more.

Potential for Rapid Results

If you are dealing with persistent pain or with mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression or PTSD, you will likely want to feel confident that you can expect rapid results. In some cases, you may find that your ketamine infusion is able to quickly produce a positive impact on your physical or mental health. With repeated treatments over time, these positive results may continue to grow.

Ketamine Infusions

Those who struggle with debilitating pain disorders or with mental illnesses such as anxiety or depression may wish to consider ketamine infusions in Raleigh. If you choose an excellent clinic, you can generally expect that your infusion will involve careful monitoring, expert professional care, and the potential for rapid results.

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