3 Tips for Filing a VA Disability Claim

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2019


If you served your country, you have the right to a certain set of benefits. Among those benefits are disability. Keep in mind that when you file a VA disability claim, you are dealing with a government agency. They have set in place a system that requires red tape in order to prevent fraud. Unfortunately, this means that your claim might take longer to process than you hoped. Attorneys for VA disability claims are available to help you navigate the bureaucratic waters.

Here are three tips to consider when you file a VA disability claim.


When you file a VA disability claim, you must be mindful of the deadlines. You are already going to experience significant wait times, if you miss your deadlines, you may be put at the end of the corresponding line. Sticking with deadlines, and even beating them by a few days, is a good idea simply so you show that you are doing your part to move the process along as smoothly as possible.

Supporting Documents

Any program that is operated by a government agency has to take extra precaution in order to prevent fraud. Therefore, when you file a VA disability claim, you must be sure to submit all the supporting documents, as requested, on time. You have to prove your claim, and the manner that you do that is by meeting with the professionals, like medical, who can support you and will put it in writing.

Obtain Your File

Once you have filed all of the necessary supporting documents and you are meeting all the deadlines, ask for a copy of your file. You want to ensure that you have a copy of your claim for your own records.

For more information, contact our attorneys for your VA disability claims.

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