3 Tips for Helping a Loved One Through Drug Detox in Fort Lauderdale

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on May, 2018


Watching someone, you love struggle through a drug addiction is something family members who have been there wouldn’t wish on anyone. It can be a devastating experience, and sadly they have to want help before anything can truly be done to help them. Once they have admitted they have a problem and enter a drug detox in Fort Lauderdale; they will need your love and support more than ever. Read on for a few tips for helping your loved one through drug detox.

Never Try Detox at Home

The first thing you need to know is you should never attempt to detox your loved one at home. There are many treatments that are not safe without consulting a professional or having a doctor nearby when the detox is in progress. Talk to a professional instead and get your loved one into a reputable detox center instead.

Understand Detox Is Not a Cure

Many loved ones don’t understand there is no cure for drug addiction. Once you are an addict, you will always have the urge to be an addict. Detox is not a cure; it is a way to get your loved one clean. You can help by assisting your loved one in other areas of their life by identifying the stressors and reasons they felt they needed to turn to drugs in the first place. Understanding and patience are key to helping your loved one get through detox and cope with their addiction afterward.

Practice Patience

The main way you can help your addicted loved one through a detox program is by practicing patience and helping them get through their addiction with love and firm understanding.

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