3 Tips for New Puppy Grooming in Alexandria, VA

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2018


Everyone loves an adorable looking puppy. But sometimes it takes some work to get a puppy looking his or her best. When it comes to puppy grooming Alexandria, VA residents don’t always realize just how important it is to expose their puppies to the experience early and make it enjoyable.

Start Early

When puppies are bathed and groomed at an early age, it becomes something that they expect. It becomes part of their routine. This doesn’t mean that they need a bath every single day. But it does mean that they will become accustomed to seeing their owner fill up a tub with some water and get out the brush. Waiting until a dog is older can create some problems. If they haven’t been bathed and groomed before, they may be more hesitant, causing some tension and anxiety for everyone involved. Don’t be afraid to start grooming early.

Make It Enjoyable

It’s important that the grooming experience be positive to get puppies to do it on a regular basis. Add just a small amount of water to the tub so that it isn’t threatening in any way. Don’t be afraid to bring some treats into the bathroom and even a puppy’s favorite toy. The first time the puppy goes in, just start with the water and don’t take too much time. From there, consider progressing using a cup or sprayer to rinse off all of the furs. Then, eventually, shampoo can be added once the puppy is comfortable. Throughout the time that he or she is being bathed, be sure to provide positive verbal feedback.

Turn to the Pros

Many people learn that grooming their puppies and other pets can be a challenge they don’t want to take on. They may not have the time to take care of it frequently. They may find that it is more of a fight than a pleasant shared experience. In these situations, it’s best to hand over grooming to someone that understands the process. When it comes to puppy grooming Alexandria, VA residents trust their pets to was. Pets get personalized attention and owners appreciate the final results.

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