3 Ways to Customize Pergolas in Waukesha, WI

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Apr, 2017


The installation of a pergola can enhance the look of a backyard. Even if the simplest of materials and colors are used, the new structure adds to the aesthetics of a space and creates an ideal place that can be used for relaxing or entertaining or both. After having the pergola installed by Outdoor Living Unlimited and enjoying it’s benefits for awhile, it might be time to make a change and customize the pergola to your personal style.

Add Growth to the Columns

Outdoor Pergolas in Waukesha WI look great in almost any setting. They can be large or small and come in several different colors. But sometimes, this isn’t enough to really get the structure to stand out. Consider adding some type of climbing plants to the columns that will continue to grow and expand until they reach the top. Once there, they can be consistently trimmed back or moved so that they continue to grow, wrapping themselves around the stringers. This allows the pergola to blend into the surroundings a little more.

Add Fabric to the Stringers

If blending in isn’t the goal, standing out might be. A pergola by itself may not be as interesting or as pleasing as one that is wrapped up in color. So, look for outdoor material in colors that will really complement the surroundings. The material can match some of the furniture items or it can be something that is meant to break up the look of the space and draw more attention to the area. Drape the fabric back and forth through the stringers to get a unique look and to add to the shade that the structure offers.

Add Lighting

Not all entertaining or relaxing is done in the day. Sometimes, it’s nice to have everyone over in the evening, when the sun is down and the weather cools off. But without the right lighting, a pergola can be useless in the evening. Consider setting up lights that run over the columns and possibly through the stringers. This can add extra interest to Pergolas in Waukesha WI, and increase the area’s usability.

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