4 Advantages of Working with a Will Attorney in Hinsdale

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Sep, 2018


Whether you have a significant estate, or just want to ensure that your possessions go to those who will most benefit from them, a will is necessary. Even if you don’t believe that you have enough assets to warrant one, a will is always preferable to dying intestate. And, while you can make a will on your own, working with a will attorney in Hinsdale can offer some important advantages.

1. You Gain Immense Insight: While any lawyer can technically handle creating your will, there’s a lot of sense in working with a will attorney. At the Bielski Law Office, we have significant experience with probate courts, and we bring that to bear on your behalf.

2. You Gain Help Navigating Complex Matters: Wills can be incredibly complex, particularly if you have significant real and financial assets. Your will must account for things like retirement funds, investments, precious metals investments, and assets like boats, cars, vacation homes, and a lot more. It’s vital that you have an experienced hand guiding you through these complicated matters.

3. You Minimize the Potential for Disputes: While it is to be hoped that death is a time that family will come together, the fact remains that the disposition of assets can lead to hurt feelings, ill will, and legal disputes. It could be one heir feeling that they have been passed over or another feeling that something that was promised to them went to someone else. It could be almost anything – a will attorney in Hinsdale can help ensure that you minimize the chances for your estate to be held up due to disputes.

4. You Can More Easily Handle Complications: There are few things as complicated as will creation and then the eventual probate case. It involves factors you likely have not even thought about. For instance, have you been married more than once, with children from both marriages? That certainly adds complications. Grandchildren, rifts between family members, tax issues, and many more complications can raise their heads. Working with a will attorney helps to ensure that you can get around these complications.

As you can see, working with a will attorney in Hinsdale is important. However, you cannot simply choose a lawyer at random. We invite you to contact the Bielski Law Office by calling 312-583-9430 for a no-cost consultation on your situation. We look forward to helping with your will creation and estate planning.

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