4 Signs That a Business Owner Needs to Call Commercial HVAC Installers in Centerville OH

Posted By : Aubrey mead , on Jun, 2016


A building’s HVAC system has many functions other than keeping a consistent temperature; it can affect energy bills, worker safety, and productivity levels, as well as tenant comfort. Adopting a thorough maintenance program is important in ensuring that the system functions efficiently throughout its lifespan. However, even the best equipment needs periodic repairs. If a business owner notices any of the following signs, it’s time to contact us to get help from Commercial HVAC Installers in Centerville OH.

Poor Maintenance

The easiest and best thing a business owner can do for their building’s HVAC equipment is to enroll in a preventive maintenance program. When a system isn’t regularly maintained, it’s more likely to break down, and minor problems are apt to turn into major expenses. Regular service can prevent many performance issues because technicians can point out and resolve issues that impede a unit’s performance.

Clogged/Dirty Filters

A worn or dirty air filter can force an AC unit to work much harder than normal, which reduces the system’s life and increases energy costs. Frequent service and regular replacement of air filters can keep the system working normally, and it can improve indoor air quality by keeping allergens, dust, and pollutants away.

Refrigerant Leaks

A refrigerant is a liquid agent that makes AC possible; it’s contained within the system’s coils, and it dehumidifies the air. When the unit lacks refrigerant, it can’t cool properly. Such issues leave the inside of the building hot, and tenants uncomfortable. Additionally, the condenser is forced to work harder, causing costly problems within the system.

Thermostat Failure

When a problem arises, it’s simple to assume that it lies within the system itself. However, in many cases, the issue may be with the thermostat itself. A unit’s thermostat regulates the amount and timing of air produced. When the thermostat fails, the building can suffer from temperature fluctuations and tenants can become uncomfortable.

By learning where problems may lie within an HVAC system, a business owner can take a proactive approach to ensuring the system’s continued efficiency. When a system is regularly maintained by commercial HVAC installers in Centerville OH, business owners can avoid many major issues before they happen.

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