4 Signs You May Have Cracked Pipes

Posted By : Aubrey Mead , on Jul, 2018


Leaky faucets are easy to hear. Even when the pipes in your home have problems, you can usually spot the signs rather quickly. What do you do when the damage is underground? Here are four signs you may need cracked pipes repair in Forest Park.

1. Damage to Paved Areas

Broken underwater pipes leak a lot of moisture into the ground and one sign of that is cracked and heaving sections of pavement. Paved areas are meant to rest on the relatively dry ground and are usually prepared to handle your local weather. Cracked pipes put too much water in the system and these areas cannot always cope.

2. Unusual Wet Spots

Just like interior pipe damage can show up as water stains on your walls or ceiling, underground pipe damage may show up as standing pool in your yard when it hasn’t rained recently. This standing water could be coming up from below where a pipe is cracked or broken and leaking water into the surrounding dirt.

3. Low Water Pressure

Your pipe system works to keep water pressure at certain levels for filling your bathtub and running your dishwasher. When one of these pipes is cracked or broken, the pressure system cannot keep its usual containment. You may find your tub fills more slowly or your dishes don’t seem as clean. When you notice these problems, it’s time to hire someone for cracked pipes repair in Forest Park.

4. Bod Odors

If water is leaking either in your home or outside, the slow accumulation of too much water can lead to mold and other odorous conditions. This is especially true if your damaged pipe relates to your sewer system. Get any bad smells checked out quickly before they become big problems.

Cracked pipes repair in Forest Park isn’t something you want to put off. This important kind of repair can protect your home and landscape from mold and water damage. Use these four clues to find Cracked pipes on your property. Contact Hammond Services for more information.

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